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Painted Face, Painted Mirror

Lucid Intent

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Friday, October 16 2009

I can only remember fragments from my dreams from last night. I remember being inside something sort of roundish. It was big enough to be a room but with a low ceiling. Somehow this thing seemed like an art project. I remember painting on the inside of this space using my fingers. Along an edge there was a mirror accent. I don't want it to be mirrory, so I paint over it with a metallic silver paint. I remember smearing the paint over the edge of the windows to the round room. In another part of

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Sunday, August 17 2008

I am outside following around an older man who is sort of fat. I forget what it was we were looking for, but we wander into a fenced in area where there is apparently a family washing the fence. They are doing this by spraying the fence with something that actually looks like paint, to me. They spray it with a hose. Some of it is white, and the woman was spraying the fence with red and yellow colors. I feel a little awkward approaching the family without even saying what we were there for. I thi


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