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Giant Muffin and A Silver Coin

Saturday, July 19 2008

Earlier in the Dream I seem to be celebrating something with a group of people. I recognize someone there who I have not seen in a very long time. I forget who it was now, but it was either my friend from childhood, Susan M., or it might have been another girl named Shawna Marie G. either way it was one of my friends who had a weight problem. In this dream someone has just wheeled in an enormous cake. It was at least three feet high and maybe two to three and a half feet tall. It was more like a

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Greedy for Glory

Wednesday, May 31 2006

This was an earlier dream. I remember there is this huge party going on, and it was to honor someone. I run into the guy who it was all for, and he seems to think that this HUGE party still wasn't enough, and he wanted more. He wanted fancier stuff, more food, more everything, and it was already like New Years eve in New York city as it was. I thought that he was really asking for too much, and he was glory hog.


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