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Penny Gum

Saturday, January 27 2007

I seem to be in a sort of hotel or other place where there are many small dwellings. At some point I come to the end of one of the halls, where there are snacks. I am unclear weather or not the snacks are free for the taking or if you have to pay for them. There isn't any there to accept money, and they aren't in a vending machine. I really want to take something, but I don't want to steal it. I have money, but don't see anywhere there being a price listed. I do see some curiously shapped

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Leaning House Penny

Friday, November 29 2002

I had to get up today at 2am to go to work at KB toys for their annual "Green Friday" which, naturally is supposed to refer to how much "green" the company makes on that day. It was not as bad as last year, but people were still pretty dumb, but not as in great a number as last year. Some people didn't know what the bags were for that I was handing out. I don't know how people like that manage to survive into adulthood and still be so stupid. But because I couldn't fall asleep in time


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