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The Elephant

Saturday, January 3 2009

I dreamt that I had just left a mall or something, and was walking along a sidewalk to my car in the parking lot. I look and see a large grey shape. At first I can not identify what it was. As I get closer I see it has a wrinkled looking surface, and that it had this peculiar organic shape. I then recognize that it is an elephant, and it had it head turned in just such a way as if it looked like it had no head at all, and only three legs. It was just a trick of my perception. I thought it was re

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Poloroid Picture

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, December 27 2005

I was lucid in this dream, and trying to get see what I looked like. I ask around for anyone who has a poloroid camera, and it just so happens a little girl has one. I asked her to please take my picture, and she snaps off a couple of photographs. I have to remind her that she doesn't need to have them developed, they come out of the camera, then she sees they are sticking out of the camera, and she hands them to me. I am frustrated because you really couldn't see my face in any of the p


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