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Sepia Tone Dream

Sunday, June 11 2006

I am hanging around and playing with someone I really hardly know, whose name is Adrian. I mostly know her on line, but in this dream we're hanging out. We are in a really large bed room, and I notice everything is in sepia tone, as if we're living in an old photograph. She notices, too, though I don't notice that this could be a dream. I put a shawl over my head and and dress and pretend to be a colonial American woman, Adrain does the same, and we look at each other and suddenly laugh rea

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Get the Treasure, Cut them in Half!

Sunday, August 17 2003

This was one of those dream where the same scence played over and over again, but with variations. It played over until I got it right. I couldn't have been my regular self in the dream, because I was too strong and agile to be me. Anyway, it appeared the object of my quest was to take a treasure chest away from a group of pirates. I always managed to take it away for myself in each instance, but it seemed like I was also supposed to kill all the pirates too, but that was a lot harder


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