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Ponies in a Secret Meadow-illustrated

Tuesday, January 6 2015

  A person who I only know in the dream is a big fan of My Little Ponies, or some version thereof and I have discovered a secret meadow with colorful talking ponies. It's actually just out in the open, but for some reason I am the only one who can find it immediately next to a hedge row. There is just a little part where there is a space, and if you walk through it into the adjoining field of grass you can see them. When we get there I point down to the ground where these tiny wat

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Moose and White Pony

Sunday, January 9 2005

Last night I had this dream that I was looking at the highway and I see a carriage being pulled by a white pony and a HUGE moose. The moose had shed its antlers. The carriage pulls into a parking lot, and then suddenly the animals get spooked and the carriage begins to head at a right angle straight into the traffic. I am too far away, and I can't do anything. I see the pony and the moose make it half way across the street before they get hit by cars and trucks. There is general chaos. S


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