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Secret Agent

Sunday, December 17 2006

I forget a lot of the details, but I am someone else in this dream. I remember stepping outside of a house that seems to be deep in the country. There are other houses around but they are few and far between. I remember I was looking for someone out here. I am walking along a fence (the fence is made of thick square posts with the square mesh nailed to them) The other side of the fence there is a lot of tall green grass. I encounter a man wearing a dark long coat, a sort of bowler hat and s

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Destroy the Ocean and the Porn Planets

Sunday, November 12 2006

I forget the earlier part of this dream, but I seem to be walking among a huge glut of stuff. The stuff was basically organized, but it was still very unsanitary. I seemed to be in the section of kitchen wares. The different items were sloppily sectioned off. For instance, there was one place where I remember seeing lots of different kinds of cutlery, all the same design of forks and knives were in one place, and there were so many of each. There were toasters, napkin rings, and ever other


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