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Bringing Home Baby Porpoise

Sunday, May 6 2007

This dream was long, but I forget a lot of the stuff that happens, it was really drawn out and complicated. In any case the main idea seems to be that a baby porpoise has been found. I get to see it, and it's much smaller than it should be, it's really about the size of a human infant, and it's dark blue and light blue. Eryone just carrys it around like it's a foot ball, but it's alive. There seems to be a lot of complications and preparations to take a boat out to sea very very far away to

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Warm Water

Sunday, July 23 2006

I was out by the sea, and standing in shallow water. I observed porpoises in the water, and though they seemed to be swimming for the shore, they seem to vanish before beaching themselves. I see in the water white sickle moon shaped patches of water. They move with the tide. I know those patches of water are warm. I tell someone that although the water there isn't espeically warm, if you were in freezing weather, and if it was possible to stand constantly in that water (and it wasn't possib


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