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Quarters for Questions and the Anastasia Document

Wednesday, August 8 2007

I find myself in a school class room setting. We are all seated facing the front as is the usual set up. I am at one of those individual desks, the large kind, not the tiny kind that you end up with at college. Attached to the front of the desk is a sort of box with a slot in it for deposting quarters. I learn that we are going to take a test, and for each attempt at answering a question we must deposit a quarter. For some reason I don't think it's out-rageous, but I am worried that I don't

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Simpson State Quarters

Monday, January 12 2004

All I remember from this dream is that I found a bunch of state quarters, and they all featured characters from the Simpsons on them. The one for florida has an outline of the state and above it on the left is a picture of the Mayor of Springfield, Mayor Quimby.


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