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Dick Nose (Slightly x-rated)

Thursday, May 19 2005

I actually had this dream a couple of nights ago. In the dream I am watching tv, some sitcom, and the story is one character has discovered another had masterbated into his refridgerator. I am listening to the story unfold but this puzzles me. I don't understand. Then it's like a flashback, and I see this other character rubbing his penis against the edge of the refridgerator door. Then I am like "OH, that's how he was supposed to have done it." But then it got sort of weird, the man's p

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Maza's Page & Bloated Refrigerator

Friday, January 24 2003

All I can remember anymore of this dream(on account of that I didn't take any notes) was seeing a large peice of paper with the name of one of my friends on it. His name is Maza, and it was written large on in the middle of the page in all caps. I have no idea what it could mean. Bloated Fridge In this dream I was living at home with my brother. For some reason or another he had put the water hose from outside and put it into the fridge. There was a reason he did this, but I don'


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