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Turtles and Spiders

Sunday, December 17 2006

I am in my living room in my old house where I used to live with my parents. I am with an unfamiliar person. It is dark and this other person is looking out the window commenting on the turtles they see. I want to see them too, and breifly I think I see turtle shaped shadows walking past the garbage cans when illuminated by the street lamp. (The outside of the house is more like my current outside my house) We both want to play with the turtles so we go outside. The yard seems to be swarmin

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Green Ribbon Roach

Monday, November 20 2006

I forget where I was, but I think there was a building near by, and I was next to some very shallow flowing water. Not really a stream, but just a place where water run off is. I see something in the water, it looks like a long piece of grass, but then I see it has lots and lots of legs, it's some sort of ribbon shaped bug. Some man is there and tells me it's something called a green ribbon roach. I think the thing is horrible. It seems to bet bigger and bigger, and the man tells me it's a


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