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Time Travler

Sunday, June 15 2008

I think this was the earliest dream from last night. I seem to be at the place that used to be my bus stop when I went to school (elementary, middle and part of high school). I had a sort of tiny contraption made of wood that could travel through time. The contraption looks sort of like a very small galleon, and had two seat in it, and it was actually sort of hard to sit in it. The sails were white and red stripes. I sat on one of the seats and was preparing to leave. There are two young boys t

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Sling Shot Ride

Sunday, June 4 2006

I don't know how it got to this point, but it was like I was up on a huge sail high up in the air, and it was spinning. I could see for hundreds of miles, and the wind rushing past me. As the sail slowed down it also started falling to the earth. I was a little worried for a while because it seemed like I was about to crash hard, but it fell slow enough that I reached the ground just fine. But I Wanted to do this again. Seemed the trick was about winding a huge sail around something big. Th


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