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Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 17 2006

For some reason I am covered with seeds of many different sorts. Most of them the kind you can eat. I am outside and I seem to be gathering the seeds. There is a sort of large raised platform already covered in many layers of seeds. For some reason they are not spilling over the edge, like they would if this was a real life situation. It was just a flat platform, not a box. When I say I am covered with seeds I mean literally all over. My clothes are stuffed with them, and they're even in m

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Getting a Ride from a Dragon

Monday, June 6 2005

In the dream I was away from home, but preparing to leave. I was riding with a group of people I don't really know in waking life, I don't know if I knew them in my dream. I was not happy with the ride situation. The people who were driving and owned the van wanted to bring a crap load of stuff with them. It was food, lots of food in coolers. There were so much stuff there was barely going to be enough room for us passengers, and I resented they were willing to comprimise our comfort for


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