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Shadow Flyer

Friday, June 15 2007

This dream seems to start off at home. I am upstairs. Something happens, and it seems like my home is suddenly and mostly destroyed. Some of the structure is still standing. Instead of being terrified I am merely annoyed and looking around for who is responsible for this mess. I see two men approach. I am sure they are to blame. I think I scold them about here. (I had this dream three nights ago). I then feel they're treatening me. I forget how, but I realize I had better get away. I do h

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Snail Cow(illustrated)

Saturday, November 25 2006

The only thing I remember about the dream is the very strange image. I think I see a cow, but it's head seems to be completely in a shadow. I come closer to take a better look, but then I see that the cow's head was not in the shadows at all, rather it's neck and head were that of a snail, complete with shiney slime coating and eye stalks. It was pretty weird. That's all I can remember.


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