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Playing Pirates

Thursday, July 17 2003

Something about this dream had to do with pirates, but I am not so sure what they have to do with it anymore. In my dream it was Halloween, and I was dressing up, maybe I was supposed to be a pirate, but I don't know anymore. I was getting help from some woman with my outfit, but more importantly I needed to shave the hair off my face. This doesn't seem ridiculous at first, but then the lady is shaving my face and then it suddenly dawns on me that I am not supposed to have hair on my fa

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Hairy Legs

Wednesday, January 15 2003

Can't remember too much of my dreams from last night (didn't take notes). I wanted to go to the mall with some friends, and I was wearing shorts. I looked down and noticed I really should shave my legs first, because they're so hairy. But I do something, and then start going to the mall again when I realizes I had forgotten to shave my legs. I think about just putting on long pants instead, but I keep forgetting, and my friends are waiting. I wonder if maybe I don't shave my legs anyone


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