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Hello, said the Fish

Friday, January 30 2004

I was grocery shopping in an extra huge mega super Walmart. It really was huge, more like a mall. I was having a lot of trouble finding the stuff I wanted. I was looking for milk. I come across something called a brownie pie, and it looked sooooo delicious that I picked up two, and I just couldn't help myself but eat one of them. After I ate it I was a little embarrassed, thinking someone might think I was going to try to get away with not paying for it. I carefully peeled off the bar co

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Emergency Dressing Room

Wednesday, September 24 2003

I forget how it begins but in anycase I find that I am naked in public, and I dash about looking for ANYTHING to wear or hide in. I find what I think is a public rest room, and the doors in it are hopelessly inadequate, they have such huge gaps in between the door it self and the frames, and there is no way those stupid locks will work, but suddenly the rest room is full of clothing, and someone comes up to me and explains that this is an emergency dressing room, made especially for peop


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