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Living Dead Shrimp

Monday, March 19 2007

In the dream I am in a restruant (which in waking life I would not recognize). I am sittin at a round table with some people I don't know, either in real life, or in dream life. I have one last shrimp on my plate and I am fairly amused that it seems to still be alive. It's wiggling it's little legs around. I am only amused for a short time when I become sort of grossed out by it, and then finally sort of frightened. I have this weird sort of pair of thongs that has a sort of fork on the e

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Shrimp and Indians

Monday, January 1 2007

I was with two of my friends Maza and Shane. We have lots of cooked and peeled shrimp, but that just what it looked like, actually they were somethign else. I forget exactly what they really were, but they were some sort of animal in their earliest stage of development, and we were going to bring them to the sea and sprinkle them there. However, they also tasted just like shrimp, too, and we couldn't stop ourselves from sampling the delicious animals anyway, but I don't think any of us ate


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