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Small and Heavy

Wednesday, August 23 2006

I seem to be on something like a boat, but it had cars like a train, but it would go on water. You could walk from one boat car to another. In this dream I seemed to be pretty tiny, like the size of a little monkey or something. When I moved around I would be somehow needing to climb over people's legs, etc. I get to one car and it's like everyone starts to get very upset. Seems like even though I am very small, I weigh a LOT. The boat car immdeiately begins to sink. I see water start pressi

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Rubble and Burried Children

Sunday, April 3 2005

There is a huge pile of loose stone in some part of the land that has been carved nicely into the shape of a room with one wall missing, one in on the side. Anyway, myself and some friends who I don't know in real life are playing among the crumbly stones. It seems like fun, but I don't trust it. I can sense there is something not right about this place. The stones are shale-like, and seem brittle, and they move a lot while everyone is climbing over them. I warn them that they need to st


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