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Jewelry Stores Aplenty

Wednesday, September 6 2006

I was at college, and for a change I was not worried about where my class was, or even what my scedule was (which is usually what happens in any dream that happens at school) I am looking, instead, for the lost and found. I guess that it would be in the administation building. I keep looking for it, the the campus appears to be enormous. The campus sprawls all over the place, and it takes quite a long time to get from one place to another. I am looking for the lost and found because I hope

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Too Small and too Young

Wednesday, June 7 2006

I am outside of a house where there is a garage door open in front of me. There are lots of other people around me, they seem to be teenagers and some younger than that. It would appear I was in some sort of school, but I felt out of place, but also felt that I was expected to go along with this, so I do. The teacher is an older woman with grey hair and she instructs us to all come inside the garage because it's about to rain. The desks had been outside, and I had found a sketch book someon


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