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A Week of Nightmares

Saturday, March 31 2007

Only just fell asleep about half and hour ago or so and just woke up. It was a very weird case of a weeks worth of happenings in one dream. In the dream it is as if I have been staying in a strange bed, either a hotel room or borrowed room. I become aware that there is someone in the room, to my right every night, and they're doing something. When I finally woke up, "for real" my immediate and urgent complaint was "stop touching my fucking hand!" because, essentially, that's all they ever

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Chauffer to a Snob

Sunday, February 16 2003

I was in the passenger side of a car, but it should have been the driver's seat. my dad was driving on the other side of the car and my mom seemed to have been there, but not anywhere (?) She wasn't in the front seat, and she wasn't in the back seat with the snob, but she still seemed to be somewhere. I am not positive anymore who the customer was, but it was either the authur of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or he was the guy who created the Doctor Who series. Anyway, he was


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