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Tornado Dodging and Dirty Sewers

Friday, July 23 2010

I remember in one dream I am outside, and there are a lot of people around. In the distance I see a HUGE tornado funnel, and it's coming right for us. It split up into lots of smaller tornadoes, and I have to dodge them. If you stayed just out of their path they didn't even make a lot of wind around you. I bumped into one, and it made me fall down, but I got up again and ran. Then another huge one came right upon us. There was the start of a bridge or some kind of concrete stucture that everyone

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Drum of Slime

Sunday, April 13 2008

I seem to be in the house of someone I used to be friends with when I was a kid. Her house was large and clean, but it seemed to be under renovations. There is a portion of the floor that is cut away, so it goes down, like a swimming pool, but there is a platform built inside this recess and it's almost level with the floor, and about two feet away from the edges of the floor, so it was like there was a big drop between the floor, and a stair. Hard to describe without resorting to a drawing, but

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Slimey Weeds

Monday, December 26 2005

I am in my bathroom, only it doesn't look anything like my actuall bathroom, and I notice there are thin vines growing in the little crevaces (spelling?), and in the dream I realize that I really shouldn't be ignoring them and shoud pull them up as soon as I see them before they get to be a problem. So I decide right then and there to start pulling them up. It's a pretty simple affair, they come up easily, and I think I need to get a garbage bad to put them in. However the pile I pull up


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