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Teaching German

Saturday, March 22 2008

Again, this seemed to be a long and complicated dream like the previous one I posted. Most of all I was really unclear as to where I was during the dream, but it did seem clear that people reacted to me negatively, though at least not with out right dread. The earlier part I remember is walking along and encountering one of the walking dead. It was a black man who died very old, and during our conversation, which I don't entirely recall, I figure he's well aware he's dead, but was not su

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Writings from a Neo Nazi Skin Head

Tuesday, January 24 2006

In this dream everything seemed to happen after the fact. I was about to fill in a review on an 8.5x5.5 peice of blue card stock paper how I rated my student's writing assignment. Apparently my student was a prisoner, a neo-nazi skin head. So I was about to write some notes about how interesting his writings where then I casually glance over at a place where it asked me to describe "personal poetry" I thought to myself, *he didn't write any poetry* then I realized, *hey, what the hell did he

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Carpet Conveyor

Thursday, November 28 2002

I was walking around outside when I decide to take a closer look at a rail road track. I think I might have been driving first, but then got out of the car. I was curious about the track. While I was walking along side it these flat train cars would rumble by, and on them were racks with carpets on them. The carpets were not rolled up, they were opened up all the way, and you could see them plainly. There were many different colors. They seemed like they were meant to be display racks.


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