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Quarters for Questions and the Anastasia Document

Wednesday, August 8 2007

I find myself in a school class room setting. We are all seated facing the front as is the usual set up. I am at one of those individual desks, the large kind, not the tiny kind that you end up with at college. Attached to the front of the desk is a sort of box with a slot in it for deposting quarters. I learn that we are going to take a test, and for each attempt at answering a question we must deposit a quarter. For some reason I don't think it's out-rageous, but I am worried that I don't

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Red Brick Wall Herman S.(past life attempt)

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, March 1 2006

Just a little while ago I woke up, and while I was at the edge of sleeping and being awake I experiment with that state and try to learn something about my past lives. For what seemed like several minutes all I see is a blurry red brick wall, I can see some over the top, but the wall is very high, and all I see above the wall is sky. I keep waiting, staring at the wall, wondering what it meant because nothing else was happening. Then suddenly I am presented with a sheet of paper with que

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Saturday, December 28 2002

I am not sure if I had this dream last night or the night before, but in the dream I was in a math class and I was supposed to be taking an algerbra test. Never having been good in math I was stumped. I remember looking down at question number one. There were so many variables. I coudn't, for the life of me, remember how to figure out the value of y, or any of the other letters for that matter. There were only ten questions, and I knew I couldn't afford to get any more than one wrong, an


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