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Red Thorn Weeds

Monday, November 27 2006

This is a very early dream, so some of the details are lost. I seem to be inside, and notice that weeds have grown in through the floor and are touching my bed. I wondered how I had not noticed them before. Also this is taking place in my old bedroom when I was living with my parents. I am going to go look for a pair of scissors to cut the weeds with, as I notice the weeds are covered with very small bright red hair like thorns. I was going to have to be very very careful handling these weed

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Black Pancakes and Eggs (fragments, too)

Thursday, July 13 2006

I am in my house (a dream house, not my real one) and I am cooking pancakes and eggs. Neither is looking very good, my pancakes are turning black, but even so they still seem runny. The eggs look rather dark, without actually being burned. I think the pan is just dirty with burned food from previous meals or something. Something about the house seems wrong, like I don't belong here, even though it's my house. 1.) I am in a shopping store, and come next to a display case. At first I notic

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Griffin, I

Tuesday, June 8 2004

I was standing on a slanted roof top. I was a griffin, but I was a terribly flyer. I was trying to keep away from some vampires. When one of them came on to the roof top to attack me, I had no choice but to leap off the very high roof. I began to sink to the groud because my wings just were not strong enough to carry me. I might have been a very fat griffin, I don't know, but to help decrease the speed of my fall I grab a tree branch which was unfortunately covered with very many little


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