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Ticket Doll

Friday, September 1 2006

I wrote notes about this dream, but I don't remember what they mean anymore. costumes typeset brother I do remember seeing a small toy girl doll seeminly getting up and walking on a table. I was horrified. The thing with it's shiney pink plastic arms began to give away tickets to passers by. They did not seem perturbed by the apparently living doll.

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Remembering London

Lucid Intent
Thursday, June 22 2006

I seem to be at a train station and I am looking for where I can buy a ticket. I am not sure why, but even though I am not sure where I am headed, I think I am going to end up in London, no matter what I do. I am sort of lucid. I say sort of, because although I am aware something about my situation is unusual, I don't think I make the connection that I am actually dreaming. So anyway, I am walking around going from one counter to another asking where I can buy a ticket. No one seems to be a

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Air Plane Ticket

Tuesday, December 20 2005

I am supposed to get on an air plane, but I seem to have forgotten to buy a ticket and it was too late to get one. I try to find my air plane anyway, and I suppose I thought I could get on without a ticket. I thought I might be able to fake out getting on the plane or something. During the same dream, I have this opportunity to get some cheap or free goodies. Like some woman has this box full of stuff, and she's letting people take some of the items. She also allows people to bid on


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