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Hellboy dream, Pool of worms, Potty

Lucid Intent
Sunday, July 20 2008

1.) Potty: In some small dream I find that a toilet is very dirty and in need of cleaning. I don't rememeber anymore if this was my own toilet or just some random toilet. I remove the entire thing and bring it outside for a good scrubbing with a brush and the water hose. I keep scrubbing it and it seems to get cleaner, but then when I turn it around to get to ther other muck it looks like there is a brand new stain on it. I am confused, but keep scrubbing anyway. Then wonder what on earth I must

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The Over-Educated Weird-o

Friday, May 9 2003

I had this dream days ago, but I have not been in a mood to write lately (overworked). In this dream I was walking outside of a store with friends, and this man wearing what looked like a suit that had seen better days, but he wore it like it was brand new. Me and my friends were discussing something or another (I forget what) and this strange man just suddenly interjects with his spin on it, whatever it was. I thought he was just going to comment and then let it pass as a friendly wa

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What's in the Toilet?

Saturday, December 21 2002

This is one of the many dreams I remember vividly that makes no sense. In the dream I am at my cousin's house. I haven't seen my cousin in many years but when we were little we were always good friends and played well together. Anyway, in his house he had a bathroom with the only thing in the room was the toilet smack in the middle of a very steril looking room. The toilet had no lid. I was trying to get something out of my mouth that was stuck to my teeth (this is a reoccuring thing i


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