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Criminal Court

Tuesday, September 26 2006

Scenery seemed to be around the outside of a building. I was walking along with other people. We're all wearing matching uniforms, but I can't really discribe them anymore other than they were blue. We were being led under a sort of covering over a sidewalk outside, I forget what you call such a thing, but it keeps you dry if it's raining and you need to go from one building to another. It was not raining however. I remember being very aware of my body, and I was very tall (much taller than

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Refusing to wear the unifrom

Sunday, April 3 2005

I think this dream was tied up within the other dreams I had last night, but since it's sort of distinguished, I think I can put it by itself anyway. So, in this dream I was working for some sort of company, but I am confused as to what it was the shop did, in some points I thought it was a burger place, but I do remember looking for documents that were really hard to locate, as they were in a HUGE messy pile, and I found some sort of magical way to locate one of each necessarry folder.


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