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Little Whale

Friday, March 11 2011

I actually had this dream perhaps three nights ago, but didn't feel much like writing it down. Sometimes the dreams are just too chaotic and I can't make any sense of them. I remember something about moving something heavy. Maybe I was tugging it on a toy wagon. I think it was a large potted plant. I go indoor somewhere, and it's a darkish place, and seems to be living quarters of some type, where a lot of people lived in seperate familes, but the only thing dividing one "home" from another was

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There is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, November 26 2008

Dream experiment. Before going to sleep I wanted to have a dream to help me with figuring out my life's pourpose. Here is one of the dreams I had. I become aware I am resting at the very bottom of the ocean. It's is very dimly lit (no obvious souces of light, either), and it is flat. A little bit of silt floats up from the bottom. It's very very cold here, and all I can see are lamprys slowly wriggling across the sand. I can't see anything else, and very little beyond a short distace. I feel li

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Blue Whale

Thursday, February 21 2008

    I am outside. In front of me is a long narrow cement heap. It's sticking out of water that has been stained brown probably by leaves. It has the look of brownish red tea. There are a couple of blood hounds playing around in the water. One side of the water is rather shallow, around two feet deep, maybe a little deeper further in. I think it's a lake that someone's built the heap of cement into. The dogs are playing with a frisbee. The frisbee lands in the water near the heap.

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The Whale Fish

Thursday, February 9 2006

Some other stuff happens before the part that I remember, but it starts off with me making a door magically appear in a wall. I forget why I wanted to do that, but I wanted to hide just so I could be left alone and not because I wanted to avoid anyone. However it's unfourtunate that the place I happen to make a door appear into is a display case in a museum. I enter just at the same time a woman walks past the display case, but I pull another trick and will myself invisible, but I can te


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