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Bear and the Typewriter

Friday, December 28 2001

In this dream it was day time and I was walking along the side of a paved asphalt road. It looked like I was miles away from anything, but in the far off distance, far enough to be partly obcured by the atomosphere, I could see a city with tall buildings. The road side was dense on both sides with vegetation, tall grass, flowers; it was a riot of plant life. On the opposite side of the road there were also trees. I was on the left side of the road, so any cars would have been

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A Rose in Darkness

Saturday, December 8 2001

In this dream I had found a door in the floor of a basement. The basement was a series of small rooms, no more than 8 cubic feet, one next to another. The light here was coming from an unidentifiable source, it was meager lighting, only enough to see by, except for in the last little cubicle where the door in the floor was. I was peering down that door (oops, did I forget to mention it was already open?) and in the path of the light was a perfect cut rose, sort of purplish and decorate


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