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Where 18 Wheelers Come to Die

Thursday, June 21 2001

I dreamt that I was just walking back to my car. My car is parked in a parking lot that's empty except for my car. I am in an unfamiliar place, and I know that I have left my car here for a long time now, like several days, and was just now getting back to it. I had to leave it there because of some minor car trouble. But when I get there it looks like someone had pulled its top part of its bottom half. I was pretty angry about this, I didn't know who did it. Then I would learn it was my

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"Animal World"

Saturday, June 16 2001

In this dream I was in some sort of world were animals were like people. They lived in homes, wore clothing and jewelry and stuff like that. In the beginning I am in what looks like a school class room. There are many animal folk there. I remember seeing their furry arms and long faces. Although most of them looked real, a few looked like they were wearing fake lion's head masks. I remember seeing a white fox among them and a badger. Suddenly they all rush out through a door that's

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The Award

Friday, June 15 2001

I thought I was walking into a mall, but when I come inside it is not a mall. There are all these people standing around, and in the back there was a platform where a old Chinese man with a long white beard stood. He wore what looked like to me some sort of ceremonial red robes with gold embroidery. On his head he wore a funny looking red hat. When he began to talk everyone else got quiet. I noticed everyone else was wearing simple clothing, like shirt with baggy pants and a belt tied

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In the Elevator

Tuesday, June 5 2001

In this dream it would seem that I lived in a huge apartment building. I had to take an elevator to something like the 20th floor. I lived right below the roof. This was nose-bleed high for me. The elevator was one of those see through kind, but it goes right past my floor and above the building. For some reason I am not scared, but rather I like the ride. The elevator was swinging lower and lower. The apartment just seems to vanish and instead there is a pool of water down there. The


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