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Several dreams

Friday, March 12 2010

I've had plenty to dream, but too much of them just don't make any sense, and I also haven't been feeling like writing them. Here's some bits and peices. 1. In one dream I am at a large indoor swimming pool that has a killer whale in it. Beside the pool are various large quantities of fruits. I kick some apples into the water and the whale eats them. I was sure it wouldn't, but I throw more and more in and it eats everything. I throw all the fruit into the pool one sort at a time. First all the

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Mind Controled Jet Plane

Saturday, March 6 2010

I find out just in the nick of time that someone someway had wired my brain to enable it to control this super high-tech military airplane. I was about to allow it to crash killing several passengers on board. When I realize the jet is somehow responding to my thoughts the plane crash lands, but instead of a nose dive straight to the ground, it levels out in time to skid along a high way, made a 180degree turn and then finally stop. There was a bit of fire, but it burned itself out. I was pretty

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Accidentally Stealing Archaeological Treasures

Thursday, March 4 2010

I was wandering around in some woods when I walked up a mound with a tree growing from it. By accident I discover an old hidden treasure of coins. Heaps of them. I know immediately they're worth a forture if I find a collector, and I am pretty sure I can. I do not, however, have the means to carry it all back, so I plan on going to bring back some tools. I had collected many of the unusual coins and stuffed them in my pocket. There is a bunch of junk I don't remember, but I am about to return to


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