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Hot Rocks & Ocean Waves

Lucid Intent
Sunday, March 29 2015

8-13-83 Hot Rocks and Ocean Waves On way back from an event, stop at friends’ house, let them off, go in with them for a cold drink.  Heavy Spanish style house.  Sit at a table. More than one cat for pets.  An old, white, almost bald, bony one pesters me to pet it. Go out back onto rocky hillside.  Rocks are hot to the touch.  Bare rocks like waves.  Break a small chunk loose, split it in half.  It is hot in my hand, a pretty design in the clean br

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Wednesday, August 14 2013

August 14, 2013 5:52 AM, pdt Rejuvenate / Reprovision for 20 more years of productive activity, during which time I/we fully integrate the 26 foot diameter cloud of DNA that surrounds my/our 3D physical selves and become capable of living in stable, effective condition for 800 to 1000 years. These are the thoughts that I immediately jot onto the notepad by the bed. In the dream prior to waking up, a very clean, youthful living being sleeps under a fluffy, very clean, impervious, fluffy rec


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