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Lucid Intent
Monday, March 10 2014

March 10, 2014 12:27 AM, pdtFrom the notes on the yellow pad by the bedside:I am unconditionally and gloriously happy to be alive and to have my spouse and the dog we both wanted here by my side during this time in this grand adventure I am having here on earth.  Thank you for asking.This is my spontaneous answer to the polite query: “How are you?”I was going to post this for “Friends Only,” but changed my mind as I typed it up.  It is cryptic and highly persona

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The Medical Emergency

Saturday, March 1 2014

For myself, and to relate this to how dreams assist in ordinary thinking, I start by posting the journal notes more or less as originally entered.Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 2:10 AM, pst(I am a journal keeper.  I made these notes while it was fresh in my mind.)After midnight, the new shift woke my spouse (and me) from sound sleep to do an evaluation on him.I avoided eye contact and merely watched.Again awakened from deep (REM?) sleep, he was rather unresponsive.He said he couldn’t r

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Back Again

Saturday, March 1 2014

Just a little note to all my friends here on Dream Journal. A medical emergency, involving my spouse, (to be journaled here at length as soon as possible) kept me from reading all the entries between Feb. 18th and Feb. 28th.  I did visit and skipped around a bit, but missed a lot in the process. If you posted something that you hoped that I would see, just mention it and I will go back and let you know that I have seen it. Best regards to all. Toolbearer


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