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2 Dreams/Woven Basket & Man in the Cab Of A Truck

Lucid Intent
Monday, May 25 2015

May 25, 2015 2:44 AM, pdt I hold in my hands a round, woven basket constructed from dark strips of soft fabric about 1 inch wide.  It has a small opening near the top.  “Dreams in hand.” At a distance in front of me, a man sits in the cab of a truck.  The truck is painted white.  With no structures nearby to finish the scene, it is not possible to say if it is a small pickup or a big semi, 18 wheeler.  The hood, roof and door are the clearest details.&n

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A Note To My Friends

Sunday, May 17 2015

May 17, 2014 3:14 Am, pdtThis is a message for the members, in particular, on Dream Journal for whom I have friendly feelings.  You can find your names on my Friends List.  It is also for any dreamers who happen to be reading the postings today.I post this on the yellow notepad by the bedside and leave it to my waking-side-life mind and body to finish the posting.Toolbearer4:04 AM, (same day)Can’t get back to sleep.  I am here at the desk, finishing the message.  I shal


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