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New Destination

Lucid Intent
Friday, June 19 2015

June 19, 2015 7:AM, pdt Woke up.  Details at end of dream linger.   I stand inside the doorway In a small room.  There is a single bed with neatly made up in a  seersucker, blue and white spread against the back wall.   We seem to have come into the long narrow room for a meeting.   The bed in view seems to be the seating plan.  I wasn’t with this group earlier.  I stand, waiting for the others to go back to their original seats. 

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World Class Spaceship, etc.

Friday, June 5 2015

6-5-14The following entry started as passing comments to another dreamer.  Now I am copying it onto my journal page, so my contributions won’t get lost in the shuffle where I can’t find them again. It seems these ideas are part of the new perspective that came to me in a previous dream.  Now I am busy working it out to see where the lines of thought are going.    ****As soon as it became possible for dreamers to connect and share dreams in real time, and to t


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