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A Woman Deeply In Love With Me / This One Confuses Me

Sunday, May 1 2016

This dream was very short but it had a very real feel to it as some dreams do. I was out shopping at some kind of department store.  It was more window shopping than actual shopping.  I wasn't alone as there was an attractive woman with me in her 30's.  She had that girl next door look.  She seemed very happy that we were there together. I was a little confused as we walked around the store.  I just didn't quite understand what was going on except that

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My Wedding.. Extraordinarily Vivid

Monday, May 12 2008

This was an extrodinarily vivid dream.  Colors were very bright and the lanscape was breath-taking..  There were maybe 100 or so people. There were equally proportioned on two sides. They were all standing. They were all dressed well. The sky outside was blue and pretty. The ground around us green. I remember some trees way in the distance. I was walking forward with a line of people in two's behind me. I walked forward and I was full of unbelief. I was at my own wedding. I wa


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