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Snakes in a Library

Wednesday, July 16 2014

Now this ain't about snakes on a plane it's about snakes in a library.I was back at school which still tends to happen a lot maybe a few times a month.So I was at the library in my school and people are using these small snakes for bookmarks I think.  Except they would lose where their assignments was in their textbook because of this.  I don't think the snakes were dangerous or nothing but they crawled near a girl's feet and she was a bit wary but if she was using a snake-bookmark it

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A New State

Monday, July 14 2014

So this starts out with some friends talking about going out to the west coast.Except that they say they're going to the state of Colorfornia.  I don't know of a state called Colorfornia but I don't think so clearly in the dream, so I don't say nothing.It takes me a slow waking to work out that what it is, it is some sort of funny combination of Colorado and California, both states where I have relatives.  


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