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Thursday, April 22 2010

I was being held hostage of a cult in which rites with human sacrifices were made.  We're at an apartment. I wasn't going to be sacrificed, but I did not want to be there. I leaned against a window and looked at the full moon and the fog and, thinking about the carefree by-passers, I said: "He who knows will die, and I will be judged for all eternity."

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Not a nightmare

Tuesday, April 20 2010

I wake up on my bed in the front yard of a house I’ve never been or seen before. Three bearded sturdy men show up with a box, walk right by me and into the house. They didn’t even look at me. I suddenly understand the situation: this is the house of a couple who both work full-time every day and leave the house alone and open. These men occupy the house during the day without the couple noticing. I get up, I have to go to class. I get there and I’m kind of lost and confused, i


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