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Hiding From A Gunman

Saturday, June 11 2016

     I'm in my apartment alone, sitting on the balcony when I see a grungy looking man with very long hair crouching through the darkness. All of a sudden I hear banging on my door and the man is yelling at me to open the door and let him in. The door is shaking, dust flying as I reach into my pocket and grab my cellphone to Dial 911.       I  appear on the third floor of the building and through the flooring can see the man still trying t

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If you touch my daughter, you will get hit!

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, August 27 2013

My daughter  (Annaliese) and I were at a party with family members and a lot of strangers. My daughter was still in her carrier car seat and couldn't do much by herself yet. Well I was hanging out with my thirteen year old cousin (Allie) and Annaliese was sleeping in her carrier. All of a sudden out of nowhere my cousin pushes/hits Annaliese to wake her up, she begins to cry. I punched my cousin so hard in the face that she instantly was knocked out. She eventually got up and ran t


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