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Re-acting A Murder

Sunday, March 5 2017

Me, my sister (Christine), and a couple friends are near some woods, standing out on ice banks in the middle of a lake. We're crushing up ice near the tip, while spray painting them bright red. A group of five men come up from behind us and ask what we're doing. We show them a video recording of an actual murder that took place at the same spot, and told them that we were re-acting the murder out to prove that it wasn't an accident.  All of a sudden one of the men try pu

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Morphing into Deer

Lucid Intent
Saturday, March 7 2009

It was taken place during the day with a white sky above. I was walking as myself in some local woods with trails by my house. But i was walking off the trails and into dead, dry grass. Out of no where two men with gun appeared and were chasing me through the woods. Someone was whispering in my dream how to get away, it was working. One of the men accidentally shot the other. Then out of  no where i had turned into a deer and the trails in the woods appeared out of nowher


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