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I Can Only Live If....

Sunday, November 6 2016

I was at a place that looked like a mix between a hotel and a mall with my sister (Ellen) and friends (Randoms). We're having a good time watching people play wheel of fortune when all of a sudden from a distance, I can see my boyfriend (Ben) walking around with some other girl (Random). I get up and begin following them down a long dark hallway (which now looks like a school), trying to listen into their conversation. He says that he doesn't want to be with me a

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Grandma Drowning my Daughter

Lucid Intent
Saturday, September 7 2013

We were at my cabin, I was swimming with my cousins and sisters.  Out of nowhere I get really tired when it started to rain. I wanted to go to sleep, so everyone else goes in with me. My Grandma (Jill) said she could watch my Daughter (Annaliese) for me, I didn't trust her but I said okay anyway.  I watch them out of the window as they walk around, then my Grandma disappears with her and I race to follow them. I catch her dunking my daughter under the water pushing her he


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