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Mad For No Reason

Saturday, January 7 2017

My mom drops me off at a car lot to look at new cars, it's pretty empty with no other vehicles around except for one truck. I go around back to start exploring the lot and see random vehicles that are broken, and find out that there is only one good vehicle sitting in the lot, but it's quite a distance away. Someone comes out and tells me it's not for sale, so I leave.  I end up at my boyfriend's mom's house (Heidi) and ring the doorbell, hopi

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Lucid Intent
Friday, August 12 2011

My family was in a big house, the weather was nice, we were about to go outside. All of a sudden tornado alarms went off and the sky darkened immedietly. I was the only one scared and began to grab all my stuff and take cover. I was screaming at them but they weren't moving. Everyone was staring out the window, it looked as if our house was floating above the clouds. They started moving in fast circles as if we were in the eye of the storm. The clouds became green and red. I ran for cover an


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