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Strange barn

Lucid Intent
Sunday, April 28 2013

Dream 1:Im near old myrtle ave,Im coming down a street that leads to it.This part of town is old an basically abandon buildings.Only a tiny bit of people live and work in this part of town.This is one of my walking journeys I walk a lot in real life.I was on my way from san marco coming from getting a tatto.The type of tatto was a dark one black ink.Anyways I was passing this barn that isnt there in reality.I ran into some people who took me into the barn.They were questioning me about my tatto.

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Wednesday, April 24 2013

Im at my own apartment,Im a student in high school.Im living near fletcher a high school located on the beach.I leave my apartment I stop at a bank.Where I sit next to a mexican man who is about fifty.He is having trouble with money in his account.It is no longer there I tried to help the man.All his money was in the form of rare coins.I believe this mexican man to be a spirirtual guide of mine.One having to do with my studies of shamanism an sorcery in real life.I left the bank now arriving at


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