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Bob's Burgers Plane Hijacking

Lucid Intent

Technique: WBTB
Saturday, January 28 2017

Early morning dream. In my room, I'm busy doing something, but I can't remember what. My brother keeps saying he wants to hook me up with some girl, but she never comes. I saw pictures or had a vision of her; she looked awkward and kind of weird. Later, I'm on a plane sitting next to Tom from the Boondocks. A bunch of black men are dancing in the front of the plane to some music. They get mad when Tom dances to the music because they say he isn't really black. The inside of this plane has

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Don't Cross the Pole

Saturday, March 15 2014

I'm walking with people. Night, in a worse part of the city. Most of the dream's a blur. I'm with a friend and a group of people. A more ghetto neighborhood. We go in the woods. We all take acid, I think I took shrooms as well. I see a crashed plane in the woods. I don't remember much, but I think bad things happened, and a lot of cream poured out of nowhere. I stay in the crashed little plane.


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