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Saturday, February 11 2017

I'm in a truck with some unfamiliar person. We're driving around abandoned buildings in the town, and talking about what they used to be. He stops at one underneath an overpass. We get out and go to the back of the building. It's dark out. He spray paints something above the back door in green. Apparently, people still live here so he had to rush it. I think it said "Slaughter" something. 2 words. Then we were driving to the neighborhood entrance of the cemetery at midnight. 2 of his friends

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Sunday, October 13 2013

Exact date unknown. Sometime around when I was starting sophomore year I think. In this dream, my brother is addicted to heroin. I'm very depressed and I try to cope with it. I'm inside McDonald's and part of it is an ice cream parlor for heroin addicts or people who know addicts.  I'm pulling into the driveway with my dad on a fall evening. It's very nice; relaxing sunset. I walk along the pond we used to live near and there is a stone wall I walk along the who


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