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Parallels to Waking Life

Lucid Intent
Friday, November 20 2015

I'm in some restaurant in a plaza and I keep leaving to go to a Pantera or Chipotle or something across the plaza. In the bathroom, I see my old friend's dad and we catch up. At a show, I'm messaging a band about hanging out at some drunk guy's house. We both agree this is a bad idea. Me and A.&J. are going into some fancy-looking building where Negative Approach is playing. I pay in flyers that are marked with value ($1, $5, $10). The lady who collects money says that

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Demo Center; " if by Dracula"

Wednesday, November 18 2015

I'm preparing to play a show at the Demo Center with MWD, Pickles, and some girl. Our band has much support, we have a fan made website and a voicemail. I can overhear my Physics teacher talking on the phone, telling a student that crack is wack. At the Demo Center, we're setting up. I hear bands have to play 38 songs; I don't think it applies to us because we're opening. Posters on the wall everywhere have a review about the show, which hasn't begun yet. It said the


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