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Fleetwood Mac paint/Adam Sandler

Monday, September 24 2012

I was painting paper with a thin brush. I took long strokes and tried to conserve the paint as best I could. There were yellows and pinks and such colours. I made a good job. Then I saw two members of the original Fleetwood Mac line-up watching me. One was John McVie and the other may have been Peter Green.  Then it was the turn of comedy, as Adam Sandler decided what film he wanted to watch. Sophie and I were then in his films which was a black comedy of two children with odd fac

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Pull a woman downstairs by her feet

Saturday, March 19 2005

Adam Sandler was running up and down stairs with me, finally running back down, pulling woman by the feet as she held her head up slightly to stop it bouncing on the stairs. We came to a rest at the bottom and I accidentally slid her and she knocked her head against some wood. She told me it was okay though, for she had already taken some tablets.


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