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Teeth, rice, flies and ants

Sunday, January 1 2012

(At the start of this dream I made a focused effort to go lucid. The previous dream of the night had potential to go lucid, so I used the toilet to write it down and come back in a determined mood. I have to point out that I had Chinese food the night before.)  I had my tooth brush out and was cleaning my teeth. I thought I was making a very good job of it and was finishing up with a gargle. After spitting in to the basin I spotted some yellow items that I identified as rice, but on cl

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The collapsing wooden walkway

Friday, July 28 2006

Two boys were throwing tennis balls at me in an attempt to get me annoyed. Well it worked! I was then going down a rickety wooden walkway with two other guys. It was taped off as dangerous but we used it anyhow. We had to turn back though as it got too dangerous, and just made it safely to the top as it got to the point of collapse. I needed a hand right at the end and got pulled up the last few steps to safety. From there I was on my own and was wading through water that was up to my lo


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