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Sensing a spirit in the room

Saturday, April 16 2005

A spirit was flying around the room and I had sensed it after feeling dizzy. I'd looked up and seen a green circular vapour on the wall and then it had tried putting tape around my mouth and when that didn't work we were both attacking each other with hammers. It then tried a subtle approach and went off to the baby's room in the house and morphed into a big piece of beans on toast to be eaten.

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Fishy dream

Saturday, August 2 2003

Mum had a big piece of fish. Well, to put it another way, it was a long THIN piece of fish. Circular, the longer it was cooked the more it unravelled until it was a rectangular shape and, though not golden brown it was edible. After this she cooked some kind of cabbage dish which looked untasty to me. I suggested it might be better if the cabbage was substituted for baked beans.


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