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Ice age

Monday, February 27 2012

In this morning's dream I was studying a wall of ice. This ice was soft and I was able to scoop at it with little trouble to break it down. I was aware of a link between this wall of ice and the Berlin Wall. This was either a thought that came to me in the dream or a link that was explained to me as I scooped away. The dream continued and I was now in a pit in a cave with ice surrounding me on all sides at 6ft above my head. The pit was something like 20ft circular, just to give you a rough idea

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The cave dive

Monday, January 9 2012

I was taking part in a charity dive in honour of his late friend. When I dove in I was telling myself to make sure that my hands were in front of me and that I made good entry. At some parts of this dream it seemed as if it was somebody else doing the dive but what made this dream unusual is that I cannot swim quite that good anyway. The main part of the dream is that whoever was swimming had made themselves into a cave and then found that they were unable to find their bearings and swim bac


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